Hello, Oxford Web!

Better together
We're not Jack Johnson, but we agree with his famous lyrics! As of July 2014, Integritec has joined forces with Oxford Web, an Oxford-based web design agency with many years' experience producing web sites of all shapes and sizes. From educational institutions such as the Oxford Brookes business school to membership organisations such as CEDIA and exciting new businesses such as EPOSability, Oxford Web has a history of providing quality web design and build services.

A wider range of services
Integritec has a strong pedigree in developing desktop software and web applications, however there is an ever-increasing crossover between the back-end systems that manage data and the front-end display. We've been looking for a while for a way to deliver a more rounded range of services. Likewise, Oxford Web has been pushing the boundaries of traditional web design agencies, offering custom functionality such as event booking and membership/loyalty schemes. With this in mind, combining the two organisations into a single company with the ability to draw in expertise from the wider team as needed is an obvious move.

While Oxford Web are able to offer development and support of a wider range of CMS platforms, our strong preference is for the Drupal platform, which we have found to be stable, robust and user-friendly.

If you'd like to know who's who in Oxford Web, head on over to the Oxford Web Team Page and find out who's who! If you're interested in developing a website, from a simple three-page web presence to a fully-featured enterprise site, Get in touch.

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