Trust Management Company

How it started
The client was the first that Integritec worked with back in 2004 and continues to be a valued customer.

What we contributed

Over the last 10+ years we have worked with the client to build a software suite that handles most of their internal processes.
At the core of this is our client statutory database, Sequoia. Sequoia is built to handle complicated data requirements with powerful reporting options.
Building on the Sequoia structure, we have delivered modules to the client to handle:-

  • Timesheeting - recording time, client invoicing, staff salaries.
  • Diaries - reminders and tracking completion of regular tasks.
  • Investment Reviews - tracking the performance of clients investment portfolios.
  • Annual Reviews - regular reviews of clients for regulatory purposes.
  • Mail Merge - allows users with no database understanding to design and produce mail merge documents based on any Sequoia data.
  • Accounts - monitoring the process of producing and distributing yearly client accounts.
  • Various other systems handling day-to-day tasks.

The future
We continue to work closely with the client, building new systems to increase the efficiency of their procedures and advising and assisting as Sequoia expands to contain more data helping the client stay ahead of the game with regulatory changes.