Identity and Credit Checking

How it started
Integritec entered into a joint venture five years ago, in response to a gap in the credit checking market. A senior figure in a major bank approached us about the limited options available in offshore jurisdictions, and the potential to develop a service that would meet the needs of offshore financial institutions.

What we contributed

Integritec designed and built the data infrastructure, web interface, and administrative back-end of the online credit-searching system, working in close collaboration with our partners in the industry. Our ability to manage complex data has been key, as has our ability to create secure and robust web-based systems that work with a variety of browsers (many banks still use Windows XP and early versions of Internet Explorer).

The future
Following ongoing discussion with clients, the question of Electronic Identity Verification was raised, and we agreed to partner on the development of this service also. We have acted as technical consultants in meetings with financial regulators and government bodies in the Channel Islands, and have specified the service framework and architecture for the system; development is due to begin shortly!